Gladstone, OR Honda Service: The Basics of Alignment Checks

September 9th, 2019 by

Does your 2019 Honda Accord rattle when you hit higher speeds? Does your steering wheel vibrate? These are just a couple signs that your car may need an alignment check. Often technicians examine your alignment during or after every oil change, but you never know when your vehicle’s tires will become dislodged. If it’s been a while since your last alignment check, consider scheduling an appointment at our Honda service center in Gladstone, OR.

Alignment Check Warning Signs

Your car is designed to distribute weight equally across all four tires regardless of road conditions. Over time, however, your vehicle loses some of its balance and may start shifting its weight to one side, which can cause uneven tire wear. Signs that point towards an alignment check include worn-out new tires, a continually crooked or loose steering wheel, or unusual vibrations inside your car.

Why Should I Get an Alignment Check at Swickard Honda?

Not only can uneven wear reduce the lifespan of your tires, but it can also damage various parts of your suspension. Your tie rods, ball joints, and steering bushing may all be affected by an improperly aligned car. Extra pressure on these components can cause them to buckle under pressure, which can lead to accidents and serious repairs down the line. Our alignment checks at Swickard Honda only take an hour to complete, whereas a more significant repair, like a broken tie rod, can take much longer.

Is it time for your annual alignment check? Do you have concerns about how your Honda vehicle is driving? Schedule a Honda service appointment online or by visiting Swickard Honda in Gladstone, OR. We hope to see you at our dealership soon!

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