Image of a female road worker.

How to Avoid Common Road Hazards Around Portland, OR

Whether you’re driving a daily commute or heading off on vacation, staying safe on the road is the top priority for you and your family. However, road hazards can abound, especially in warm weather, and leave drivers unsure of how to react. So today we want to share some tips for how to deal with these common hazards.

Construction Zones

Not only can construction cause congestion on the highway, but it also comes with extra stress. Workers and trucks can come into your lane without warning. Plus, heavy equipment could block your view of the road ahead. When approaching a work zone, it’s a good idea to take precautions like:

  • Slowing down
  • Moving over
  • Staying alert

Inclement Weather and Road Conditions

Although we won’t have any snow on the ground in the Portland area for months, we can still get rain and fog during the late summer in Oregon. When it’s raining, it’s a good idea to slow down and increase the distance between yourself and the next car, as rain can mix with oil from vehicles to make the roads slick. When driving in fog, be sure to only use your regular headlights, as high beams can reflect back into your line of vision.

Distracted Drivers and Pedestrians

Distraction comes in many shapes and forms. Other drivers the road may be intoxicated, inexperienced, or using their phone. The same goes for people walking or riding a bicycle. This means you need to practice defensive driving to ensure that you’re ready to stop if an obstacle, car, or human, enters the roadway. Check your mirrors, stay aware of what’s in your blind spots, and slow down.

Although it’s impossible to predict what’ll happen on the highway, by staying alert, you can help protect yourself and your family. At Swickard Honda, you’ll find a variety of new and used Honda cars. Our team can help you choose the safety features that are important to you. Plus, we offer onsite Honda service and repair for all of your car needs.